When it hits you, you feel no pain..

Whether it’s in belting out a song in the car while in traffic, matching my running stride to the beat of the song playing in my ear, or plugging my headphones into my laptop so I don’t annoy my cube mates, music is more or less playing throughout my entire day.  I love how certain songs can transport you to a specific place, time or memory. Certain lyrics perfectly articulate your feelings and certain beats force your hips to move. Maybe it’s the dancer in me, but I’ve always been amazed at how powerful music can be.

Usually, I’m big on making playlists. Before any party or road trip, I’m always compiling the perfect mix. But for my half marathon, I’m turning the playlist making duties over to my friends and family. I’m asking them to help compile the playlist I listen to while I run. I want songs that will motivate me, remind me of specific memories, and make me think of the people that have supported me along the way. To add a song to the playlist,  donate $10 and all the proceeds will be donated to Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Full disclosure: This fundraiser wasn’t my idea. I helped a few colleagues do it last year when they ran the Boston Marathon. We set up white boards in the cafe and co-workers could see the songs that had been added so far or make a donation and add their own song. The variety of songs they ended up with (from Bieber to Celine Dion to Queen) was awesome and they said it was so much fun to listen to while they ran.




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