Lamest Injury Ever

If I’m going to get injured, given how much I’ve been running, wouldn’t you think it’d be related to that? Good news is it’s not (and knock on wood I stay running-injury-free), bad news is I have tendinitis in my left arm. The occupational nurse at work had to come to my cube to do an evaluation (humiliating), order a bunch of ergonomic office supplies and teach me the proper way to sit, type, etc. She also gave me a brace to wear but I couldn’t handle it for more than one day. I can’t bear to have another one of these conversations in the elevator:

“Aw, look at your arm. What happened?”

“Tendinitis. Been writing too many of those damn company e-newsletters…”

Does it get any lamer than corporate world cubicle injuries? What’s worse is tendinitis really hurts! I had no idea. So if you need me, I’ll be the one with the cushy mouse pad and foot stool at her desk, sitting at a 90 degree angle, popping too many ibuprofen.



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