Rise and Run

I’m not claiming to be a morning person by any means. I love sleeping and I’m damn good at it. When I started running, I claimed I could/would never wake up to squeeze in a run before work. The first time I agreed to a morning run was with a group of colleagues for National Runner’s Day – I’m a sucker for holidays. I remember dragging the rest of the day but also enjoying the feeling of accomplishment as I walked into the office and knowing that I was free of any workout obligations after work.  One of the reasons I was hesitant to commit to train for a half was watching my roommate train last year and give up her social life. She wouldn’t go out during the week because she was training every night after work. BUT when you switch a few of those night time runs to mornings runs, it gives you the flexibility to make plans after work –  whether those plans are polishing off a pitcher of sangria with girlfriends, shopping til you drop (or the stores close) or curling up on the couch with a bowl of fro-yo and the latest on DVR (all equally destructive #nojudgement). 

I can now say I actually look forward to understand the appeal of morning runs. It’s quiet and peaceful, for city standards. There’s only a handful of people out, fellow runners and early commuters. There seems to be a shared understanding between morning runners – a silent and mutual “Go us!” for hitting the pavement before many even get out of bed.  You can watch another day begin in front of  your eyes. When you first step outside it’s still dark out, as you run the sky brightens and the sun rises, and by the time you return home, the morning is in full swing. Getting in some fresh air, exercise and “me time” makes me feel less guilty about being stuck in the office all day. My whole morning routine doesn’t feel so rushed on days when I run. I’m grateful for those few minutes after my run where I can stretch, watch the morning news (something I’d never do otherwise) and make a green smoothie. By the time I get in the shower, I’m already feeling good and ready to start the day. 

Right now, I usually only get in one morning run a week, but one of my goals (especially after the half when I don’t have as much motivation to run) is to make morning runs more a part of my daily routine.

And let’s not forget the sweet Instagram shots morning runs offer, no filter necessary…

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)


One thought on “Rise and Run

  1. I have had the same thought for many MANY years to do a morning run, morning walk or something close to be called “cardio”. Had a gym session around 10 this weekend and I guess that is a start. Will be harder when it gets colder though…..
    Nice blog!

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