Weekend Recap: Solar System, Soreness and Sales

How old is too old to go to Space Camp? I’m asking for a friend… But seriously, I’m a total nerd that’s been strangely fascinated by the Solar System (and dinosaurs) since I was little and the concept of space is something I’ll never be able to wrap my mind around. Thinking about what’s beyond what we have knowledge of and then what’s beyond that and that and that makes my head hurt. Point being, if you don’t see Gravity in 3D IMAX, you’re not doing it right. The plot was cheesy at points, but the visuals were ah-mazing and Sandra Bullock and George Clooney killed it.

I did my last long run this weekend before the half and I felt good – I can’t believe it’s already less than two weeks away! The main thing I’m worried about now isn’t the distance, but the hills. I can run for days in Boston along the Charles River because it’s literally at sea level, but looking at the race course I know there are a few hills that might be the death of me.

I’m not sure why I thought running 11 miles on Saturday then choreographing for 2 hours on Sunday and then taking a yoga class after not doing yoga in months would be a good idea, but I’m paying for it today. Everything hurts and if it’s possible to overdose on ibuprofen, I just might.

Even though I didn’t get the perk of having a long weekend, I was still able to cash in on some of the sweet Columbus Day sales this weekend. The Limited is offering 40% off everything and free shipping through today and you can save at DSW online through tomorrow using the code GOSHOESGO. You’re welcome.

It wasn’t until after I made my purchases that I realized I’m apparently really digging the equestrian trend. What’s more patriotic than buying riding pants and boots on Columbus Day? Maybe watching the Patriots have a killer comeback over the Saints last night? Check and check. #Merica

Columbus Day Sales - Equestrian Look

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