What to Wear: Race Day

 I’m rarely dressed appropriately for the weather outside, especially in New England where it’s constantly changing. I usually just suck it up and freeze, sweat, get rained on, etc. but when it comes to running, that’s not really acceptable. Your body temperature and comfort level are so important. So for my upcoming race, I’ve been keeping an eye on the forecast and am opting for layers.

I tend to trust the expert brands and purchase pieces that claim they’re designed for running, like the capris and zip up below. If it’s a total scam -well, they got me good. I usually end up stopping at least once during my runs to fix my ponytail when it starts to fall out, so for race day, I’m rocking a hat ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that. And never underestimate the power of a good sports bra – brownie points for it matching your outfit.

Of course, the right shoe is key. I bought my Nike Lunarglide 5’s when I started training and love them. They are lightweight and breathable but offer the sturdy support I need. Make sure you do your research, consult an expert and find what works best for your feet, running style, etc.

If you’re like me and constantly debate what to wear when you run, you’re in luck. I found this nifty tool on Pinterest that, with a few selections about the weather conditions, it recommends what type of clothes/layers you should wear! Thank God for the inter-webs.

Race Day


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