What to Wear: Jetsetting

Can we pause for a minute to talk about women that wear heels in the airport? I give them props but I just don’t get it. I understand traveling used to be a bougie, upper class thing to do but it’s 2013, people. I booked my CheapCarribean.com flight AND hotel for less than what I pay in rent. There’s just no need to get decked out in your finest attire to sit in a stuffy, congested tube that’s miraculously soaring through the air. The one exception I’ll make is if you’re traveling for work and going straight to a meeting. Otherwise, the act is up, lose the stilettos. Not to mention our vacation flights are usually at 5 a.m. so let’s just be glad I don’t show up to the terminal in a robe and slippers.

It’s all about comfort, ease and reusing pieces when you travel. I rarely wear jeans on the plane unless I’ll get another use out of them once I reach my destination. I usually opt for flats to easily slip on and off through Security, yoga pants for comfort and that I can wear again for workouts (ambitious), a lightweight sweater for the chilly airplane and a tank underneath so I can lose a layer when we step out into the gorgeous Caribbean sunshine. 🙂

Throw my carry on essentials (iPad, passport and neck pillow) into a lightweight canvas tote that can be reused as a beach bag, and I’m good to go!


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