Dreaming of DR

Is there anything worse than the Monday after a vacation? Sitting in your office with a record number of e-mails in your inbox, trying to get back into swing of things but unable to escape the “this time last week I was…” thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, our Caribbean getaway was well worth a little post-vacay blues. We spent 5 nights at an all inclusive resort on the beaches of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It was an amazing resort with great food, service and atmosphere. The hardest decisions we made all week were mojito vs. daiquiri, beach volleyball vs.  beach yoga class, Italian vs. Mexican dinner. It was hard to not to constantly have a smile on your face. Even the cloudy, sometimes stormy weather couldn’t bring me down. Not only did we get to spend Halloween as lazy beach bums (best costume yet), we also got to watch the Red Sox win the World Series!! And go figure, the “vacation friends” we made our first night there at the sports bar happened to be big Cardinals fans from St. Louis.

Usually, I’m constantly thinking and plotting out my next move (the event planner in me), but this trip I made it a point to soak in and relish those moments laying on the beach with a book,  a cocktail, and my man, listening to the waves (is there a more soothing sound?), without a care in the world. As I come back to work and all the daily craziness that is my life, I’m trying to recall that sense of peace and not worry about what’s ahead (whether that be tomorrow, next month or next year). Enjoying the present moment is something I’m really trying to work on.  Any tips are much appreciated.

While I work on that, here are some pics from our trip!





photo 102

photo 101

photo 104




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