How to Accessorize a Bar Cart

A sign you’re becoming an adult: you no longer use empty alcohol bottles, bottle caps and the witty quotes on cardboard inserts of 30-rack cases to decorate your apartment. Instead you buy a trendy bar cart and accessorize it in a way that says “Yes, I still have a drinking problem but at least my interior design skills and taste are improving.”

Cue my latest Target purchase:

photo 1
I’m kind of obsessed. Clearly didn’t have a problem finding alcohol around the house to display, but I’m thinking it needs more. I want to stick with gold accents to complement the gold detail on the cart and I’m leaning towards lighter/brighter decor to offset the darker wood pieces and brown couch in the space. Naturally, I’ve turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Below are some favorites from my wish list.

Sidenote: Sharing the same first initial with your significant other lends itself nicely to buying monogrammed everything.

What’s your favorite? How do you go about decorating a new piece of furniture?


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