Don’t Be a Grizzly Bear

After taking a two week break from running after my half, I got out for a short and what I thought would be easy 3 mile run. I quickly remembered running in cold weather is a whole different animal. Runny nose, cold air in your lungs and stiff muscles are going to take some time to adjust to. I also have to find a new routine now that dance has started back up and runs after work mean running in the dark (not a huge fan). I took for granted that an October race meant training in lovely summer and comfortable fall weather. A race in the spring will mean training in brutally cold New England winter weather.

This article  was exactly what I needed to read this week. I plan on taking their advice and buying some new running layers and possibly a gym membership to stay motivated, even though I hate the treadmill.

I’m off to NYC for a fun-filled weekend visiting high school friends and the boy’s family.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

goodmorning-boston-beautiful-snow-cold-winterDon’t hibernate, motivate! (Sorry, had to.)

What do you do to fight the winter blues and stay active?


One thought on “Don’t Be a Grizzly Bear

  1. use treadmill walk the dogs and use weights, if it is to cold and I cant breath it is treadmill and weights only (exercised induced asthma for me) if the snow is to deep which is not common around here usually to be to deep to walk at least they plow the streets and stuff. but who wants to dodge cars?

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