Stress Overload and Gap Sales

I’m suffering from a bad case of “saying yes to everything”. It’s 100% my fault. I say yes either because it’s something I genuinely want to do or because I’m a people pleaser and don’t like to say “no”. Can anyone relate? I love Bethenny and her concept of “Say YES” but I think I’ve taken it too far and need to start saying “no” sometimes.

Some people can do it all and make it work. Props to them. I’m quickly learning that I don’t handle the overload well. I don’t like to just do things, I like to do them well. Some may call this being a perfectionist. Lately I’ve noticed that with so many things spinning in my head (launch meeting, Ireland, dinner date, laundry, puppy adoption, brunch plans, errands, holiday shopping, blogging, Marathon team, and on and on), I am just simply forgetting to do things. When I called my mom crying that I’ve self-diagnosed myself with early onset Alzheimer’s, she ensured me that’s not the case and that I’m just on stress overload with so much going on.

After my mild breakdown, I took a step back, made a list of all the tasks (big and small) that were running through my mind and evaluated. I ended up pushing off one thing until after Thanksgiving and asking someone else to do another thing. It’s amazing how much better I felt by eliminating just a few things from my list and simply saying “no”. I was able to accomplish so much more after I gained that time and peace of mind back.

Needless to say I’m glad this insanely busy week is over, but this weekend is going to be equally crazed. In a good way though. Girls night out tonight. Double date night tomorrow and early Thanksgiving dinner with the family on Sunday before heading off to Ireland on Monday!!

In other non-mental-breakdown-related news, Gap is having major sales this week! Go grab something for yourself or for someone else if you’re one of those people that actually do holiday shopping ahead of time and don’t scramble for gifts at the last minute. Must be nice. I scored a few last minutes pieces below to pack with me.

Have a great weekend and remember not to stretch yourself too thin! It’s okay to say no.

Gap Sale Scores

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