Dublin, Ireland

Last week, my parents and I went to visit my brother who’s studying abroad in Dublin. We landed in Dublin at 5 a.m. their time with little to no sleep on the plane. We passed through Customs, got our luggage and set off to find the rental car kiosk, only to learn it’s not in fact at the airport. A shuttle ride later, we quickly realized Americans and Europeans define “mid-size car” differently. Watching my dad try to get situated in the driver’s seat (which mind you, is on the right side of the car) looked something like this:

After upgrading to the largest vehicle they had (a 7 passenger SUV for our 4 person family and our 3 ridiculously over-sized suitcases #’murica), we drove off to find our hotel in downtown Dublin. Let’s just leave that experience at I strongly discourage anyone from learning how to drive on the opposite side of the road, in the middle of a foreign city when you’re not clear on the directions and delirious with exhaustion. But we survived and since we couldn’t check into our hotel until later that afternoon, the sightseeing commenced.

The next two days were a whirlwind. We explored all Dublin has to offer and I’d say hit almost every tourist attraction in the city. I was a visor and fanny pack shy of a true American tourist. What struck me most about this city was the people – strangers are eager to help you find your way and it’s common to strike up conversation with just about anyone – and the history, since Dublin dates all the way back to the Vikings! I’m not a huge history buff but every building we visited had an amazing story behind it and it was hard to be fascinated by it all. Here are some shots of my favorite spots:

St. Stephen’s Green

Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery

Kilmainham Gaol  (never thought my favorite tour would be of an old prison!)

Hopefully the only time either of us spend in a jail cell..

photo 222
Guinness Factory Tour

Learning to properly pour a pint (got a certificate to prove it too!)

photo 221
Enjoying a pint and the views from the top

Shopping on Grafton St.

photo 223
Drinking a pint and watching an Irish band play for Irish step dancers – doesn’t get much more Irish than that!

Part 2 of our Ireland adventure coming soon…


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