Introducing: Oakley

In case life hasn’t been crazy enough lately, we decided to get a puppy! It’s something we’ve been talking about for a long time and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. His name is Oakley and we adopted him from a rescue organization in Tennessee. He’s 5 months old and we have no clue what breeds he is. We were told his mom was a small yellow lab and his dad was a terrier but we think he also has some basenji and maybe chihuahua in him. Either way, I’ve fallen head over heels for him and quickly turned into an overbearing, constantly worried puppy mother.

I still have small moments of panic where I think “Did we really just get a dog?” or “I’m responsible for the health and well being of another living, breathing creature for the next 15 years?”, but so far so good. We haven’t even had him for a full week and he already fits in with us so well. It’s exhausting and frustrating at times, but so rewarding and he makes our house a warmer and happier place to be. Apologies in advance to my Instagram followers for the tireless amount of puppy pics I’ll be posting.

photo 1
photo (2)
photo 3

¬†Something tells me Oak-man will have more presents under the tree than Scott and I combined. I didn’t realize that Petco is similar to Target in that you go in with the intent to buy one particular thing and leave $200 and 5 shopping bags later…


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