Resolutions and Snow Day Style

I don’t like the idea of radical resolutions that you’ll never keep and make you feel guilty 365 days later, but I’m a sucker for lists and do believe in setting and working towards realistic goals. They help you grow, reflect and measure how far you’ve come. So, the beginning of the year seems like as good a time as any to add a few more to the ongoing list:
  1. Continue to push myself.  In my career, in my relationships, in running. Maybe in cool things I don’t even know about yet.
  2. Skype more. With many of my closest friends spread across the country, this is an important one. Face to face time or even picking up the phone to have a conversation means so much more than texts, gchat and snapchats.
  3. Learn something new. In 2013, I added running and blogging to my list of hobbies. This year I’m thinking of throwing photography in the mix. First step is to do some research and invest in a nicer digital camera.
  4. Plan another trip to Europe. I always try to go somewhere new at least once a year. Ireland was amazing and has given me the travel’s itch to go back to Europe. Even if it doesn’t happen in this calendar year, I want to start researching, planning and get it in the books.
  5. but also…Stop planning so much. I have a hard time preventing my mind from thinking about what’s next. What’s my next career move? What do we do when our lease is up? And on and on. It’s a constant struggle to let those thoughts go, enjoy what is and just trust the future will work itself out.

Spending the first Friday of 2014 snowed in with my man and pup. The year’s off to a good start so far! Hercules has hit Boston but freezing (and whatever is below freezing) temperatures don’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Stay safe, snuggly and stylish everyone!

Snow Day

Brown coat, $330 / H&M hat, $12 / Isotoner glove $25 / Boots $140

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