California Packing

One great thing about spending the next week in Cali – I won’t have to worry about covering every inch of skin every time I get dressed for fear of getting frostbite. #polarvortexproblems The idea of being comfortable outdoors seems like a distant memory. The forecast for the different cities we’re visiting varies, but overall it’s looking like 60’s during the day and 40’s at night. I’m bringing light layers and comfortable (but still cute) outfits since we’ll be traveling a lot. Still looking for ways to justify bringing 7 pairs of shoes for 7 days…

Last weekend, in addition to ringing in the big 2-5 with some of my besties and a few too many vodka sodas, I also went on a bit of a shopping spree. Everything was 40% off at Express. And it was my birthday. And I’m going on vacation. And did I mention 40% off, including items already on clearance? Nice jeans for $20? C’mon now. The pieces below will work perfectly for sightseeing, eating and drinking our way up the coast!

Adios Boston, hello San Diego!

On Sale: Express

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