The Real Winners of the 2014 Oscars

Have to say I actually enjoyed the Oscars this year. In large part because I love Ellen and everything she does, but it really was a good show. Sure,  I fell asleep before any of the big awards, but if you know me well, you know I’m in it for the 3 hour red carpet shows leading up to the Awards. Favorite looks in no particular order:

For me this one is all about the accessories – the black shoes and clutch,statement necklace and simple hair and make-up compliment the dress perfectly and complete this killer look.

Keep sticking with Dior, J-Law – totally works for you! Maybe start wearing flats though?

Timeless, classic gown for a timeless, classic beauty. Love you Sandy!

Not really an Angie fan, but that dress, my gawd!

(Photos from E! Online)

Can we talk about the real winner of the night, though? Peter Nyong’o. Photobombed a selfie of Hollywood’s finest – not to mention the most retweeted tweet of all time. Not even in the background either – front and center of the photo. Impressive. My first thought was this has to be his new Facebook picture, no question. But if you check out his Insta, it looks like he has quite a few selfies with A-List celebs from throughout the night to choose from. Well done, Petey, well done. Riding your sister’s success all the way to top. I give it a few months before he has his own reality show. Featuring Edgar, the pizza guy.


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