1. You’ve become a total lightweight. “Long Run Saturdays” keep you from drinking on Friday night and make you dehydrated and exhausted before you even sip your first beer on Saturday night. This could also be related to turning 25 but I’m going to blame running for the time being.

2. On the nights you do make it out for a drink, wearing heels is not an option. You trade in the killer pumps for the sensible wedge boots. Problem solved? Not quite. You now have to use two hands to squeeze and zip said boots up around your exponentially larger calf muscles.

3. You have to explain to the woman doing your pedicure why one of your big toe nails is a yellowish green color, and why your skinny jeans won’t roll up over your calves (see previous problem).

4. You feel zero guilt eating a bagel for breakfast and pasta for dinner. Which sure, doesn’t really seem like a problem, but it’ll quickly become one when you’re no longer logging 30-40 miles a week.

5. Hydration takes priority over any fashion sense you once had. Add all the handy compartments you want. Call it a fuel belt. No matter how you spin it, you’re now rocking a fanny pack.

5b. Body temperature also takes priority over fashion sense. That says a lot coming from the girl who stood in line at bars without a jacket in sub-freezing temperatures just to look cute. When it comes to long distance running, a comfortable body temp trump looks every time. On early morning runs, I don’t mind resembling a ninja -robber hybrid or  wearing more layers than I do at a mountain summit. When it’s warmer out, I shamelessly rock the “sweatshirt tied around the waist” look circa 1995. 

6. You swapped the cute trendy neon pink Nike’s for the running shoes that provide the best arch support and are tailor fitted to your feet. (Still couldn’t resist asking if they came in any cuter colors though. They don’t.)

7. You expect people to know what you’re talking about when you use words like “bandit” “roller” and “PR”. They don’t.

8. You get more excited over a sale at City Sports than J.Crew. Thermal fleece tights ain’t cheap!

9. You can’t walk into a restaurant or store without contemplating the best way to solicit the cashier for a gift card or raffle item for your fundraiser.

10. In addition to losing you to your love affair with logging miles, your boyfriend is also forced to fake interest as you spend every night spewing history tidbits and fun facts from 26.2 Miles to Boston at him. (But seriously,if you’re running Boston and haven’t read this book, buy it now. I can’t put it down.)


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