Things I learned last week

  1. Follow this. It’ll bring infinite joy to your Insta feed.
  2. Marathon training fades Real fast. I ran 3 miles Friday morning and by mile 2 you would’ve thought I just finished Heartbreak Hill. Apparently you can train your ass off for 4 months and within a couple weeks you’re back to square one. Sure, within this short window my mileage has been minimal and I squeezed in a quick Vegas bender but still, the realization I’m not invincible and can no longer run 18 miles like it ain’t no thang is rather upsetting.
  3. Buy and use this daily. The main reason I get regular manis is to keep my dry, cracked cuticles in check. I’ve used this for a few days and it’s already helped SO much. Something that could’ve been brought to my attention before I dropped thousands paying a salon to do what I can now easily do, while in traffic.
  4.  Jay-Z and Beyonce aren’t the definition of perfection. After last week’s elevator scandal, all I’ve heard/read about is “Oh yeah, I saw this coming,” “Everyone knows they’ve always cheated on each other,” “They get in blow out fights all the time,” etc., etc. Ummm, what – why did no one tell me? Am I the only one with rose colored glasses on that thinks they’re the ultimate couple that can do no wrong?  Giving fair warning, the end of Jay and Bey may be harder for me to cope with than Justin and Britney. My only ask is they at least stick it out through this summer’s tour – those tix weren’t cheap.
  5. Wrap the top of your bananas in plastic wrap to keep them from spoiling. I’m not sure who discovered these keep-your-food-fresh tricks but thank you.
  6.  You don’t always get a parking ticket when you park illegally. Twice last week I parked in illegal spots and came out expecting to see that bright orange envelope on my windshield and found nothing. I used to be the person that would drive around for an hour looking for a legal spot to avoid getting a ticket, but those days might be over. Parking ticket roulette reminds me of the rush I used to get going to bars with my fake ID in college. Sometimes you get away with it and sometimes you get your ID passed around between bartenders laughing at the horrendous quality but still served scorpion bowls all night long… or just have to pay the city $25.

This weekend was filled with a girl’s night out (to celebrate my friend’s recent engagement!!), shopping trip to the outlets, friend’s cookout and first fro-yo of the season. All pointing to the fact that summer is officially almost here!


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