Happy Birthday America!

Weekend getaways are really underrated. Getting away for even one night is sometimes all you need to feel recharged. I spent this past weekend in Old Orchard Beach with two girlfriends and it was the perfect mix of  relaxation and fun. Today I’m left with a bad case of the Mondays but thankfully, it’s a short week! I’m kicking off my 4th of July weekend a little early with a quick trip to New Jersey on Wednesday for a wedding. Then it’s back up to Boston to hopefully celebrate America’s birthday right – burgers, beers and beachin’.

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If you’re hosting or attending a BBQ this holiday weekend and looking for a light but crowd pleasing dish, try Skinnytaste’s Red White and Blue Fruit Skewers with Cheesecake Yogurt Dip. They were a big hit at my Memorial Day BBQ and require minimal effort!

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If mixing together a few ingredients is more than you can handle, you can always go with my plan B:  a scantily clad yet patriotic bottle of vodka. #murica

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How to Accessorize a Bar Cart

A sign you’re becoming an adult: you no longer use empty alcohol bottles, bottle caps and the witty quotes on cardboard inserts of 30-rack cases to decorate your apartment. Instead you buy a trendy bar cart and accessorize it in a way that says “Yes, I still have a drinking problem but at least my interior design skills and taste are improving.”

Cue my latest Target purchase:

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I’m kind of obsessed. Clearly didn’t have a problem finding alcohol around the house to display, but I’m thinking it needs more. I want to stick with gold accents to complement the gold detail on the cart and I’m leaning towards lighter/brighter decor to offset the darker wood pieces and brown couch in the space. Naturally, I’ve turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Below are some favorites from my wish list.

Sidenote: Sharing the same first initial with your significant other lends itself nicely to buying monogrammed everything.

What’s your favorite? How do you go about decorating a new piece of furniture?

Review: Blue Apron

After reading Victoria’s blog post and seeing a Gilt City voucher for it, I decided to give Blue Apron a try! Scott and I have been trying to cook at home more and expand our menu of about 15 dishes – mostly involving pasta and chicken, which can get old fast. Blue Apron delivers three meals to your door packaged with fresh ingredients and step by step directions to prepare them.

It’s $60 per week, which includes three meals – with enough to serve 2 people (we actually had enough left over for lunch the next day). This seemed expensive at first, but when you break it down its $10 per meal per person, which is cheaper (not to mention healthier) than our go-to take-out options. And with the Gilt City voucher, it was an even better deal.

All in all, it’s a neat concept, reasonably priced, pretty healthy, super convenient and the food was good. We learned how to cook with ingredients we’d never used before – I didn’t know tatsoi was even a thing, never mind how to cook it – and we had fun with it! We made Ginger Beef Stir Fry and Turkey Chili, and both were pretty tasty. I’ve made meals similar to both before but it was nice to incorporate different ingredients that I wouldn’t have considered before.

We only made two of the three meals because one was salmon and we’re not big seafood fans. This would be my main criticism. Each week, one of the meals (excluding the vegetarian options) is fish. It’d be great if they offered you the 6 options (3 veg, 2 meat, 1 fish) and you could select which 3 you want to be delivered – to offer some flexibility to those with allergies or those who are just picky like us 🙂

Although I’ll admit it was fun to see our neighbor’s reaction when I text him out of the blue “Do you want some raw salmon?”


Have you tried Blue Apron or similar services? What do you think?