Summer Shoes

A few times this winter I was doubting summer would ever arrive, but at last, my favorite time of the year is finally here! If I had it my way, I’d be barefoot with my toes in the sand all summer long. Unfortunately that’s not the case, but I’m thrilled to see that summer shoe trends like chunky heels and colorful flats will keep my feet comfortable and stylish through Labor Day.

This long weekend we’ll be putting our deck to use and having friends over for a BBQ. I’m not wasting any time and getting in my first beach trip of the season on Monday.

Enjoy and happy summer!

Summer Shoes

California Packing

One great thing about spending the next week in Cali – I won’t have to worry about covering every inch of skin every time I get dressed for fear of getting frostbite. #polarvortexproblems The idea of being comfortable outdoors seems like a distant memory. The forecast for the different cities we’re visiting varies, but overall it’s looking like 60’s during the day and 40’s at night. I’m bringing light layers and comfortable (but still cute) outfits since we’ll be traveling a lot. Still looking for ways to justify bringing 7 pairs of shoes for 7 days…

Last weekend, in addition to ringing in the big 2-5 with some of my besties and a few too many vodka sodas, I also went on a bit of a shopping spree. Everything was 40% off at Express. And it was my birthday. And I’m going on vacation. And did I mention 40% off, including items already on clearance? Nice jeans for $20? C’mon now. The pieces below will work perfectly for sightseeing, eating and drinking our way up the coast!

Adios Boston, hello San Diego!

On Sale: Express

Resolutions and Snow Day Style

I don’t like the idea of radical resolutions that you’ll never keep and make you feel guilty 365 days later, but I’m a sucker for lists and do believe in setting and working towards realistic goals. They help you grow, reflect and measure how far you’ve come. So, the beginning of the year seems like as good a time as any to add a few more to the ongoing list:
  1. Continue to push myself.  In my career, in my relationships, in running. Maybe in cool things I don’t even know about yet.
  2. Skype more. With many of my closest friends spread across the country, this is an important one. Face to face time or even picking up the phone to have a conversation means so much more than texts, gchat and snapchats.
  3. Learn something new. In 2013, I added running and blogging to my list of hobbies. This year I’m thinking of throwing photography in the mix. First step is to do some research and invest in a nicer digital camera.
  4. Plan another trip to Europe. I always try to go somewhere new at least once a year. Ireland was amazing and has given me the travel’s itch to go back to Europe. Even if it doesn’t happen in this calendar year, I want to start researching, planning and get it in the books.
  5. but also…Stop planning so much. I have a hard time preventing my mind from thinking about what’s next. What’s my next career move? What do we do when our lease is up? And on and on. It’s a constant struggle to let those thoughts go, enjoy what is and just trust the future will work itself out.

Spending the first Friday of 2014 snowed in with my man and pup. The year’s off to a good start so far! Hercules has hit Boston but freezing (and whatever is below freezing) temperatures don’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Stay safe, snuggly and stylish everyone!

Snow Day

Brown coat, $330 / H&M hat, $12 / Isotoner glove $25 / Boots $140

Stress Overload and Gap Sales

I’m suffering from a bad case of “saying yes to everything”. It’s 100% my fault. I say yes either because it’s something I genuinely want to do or because I’m a people pleaser and don’t like to say “no”. Can anyone relate? I love Bethenny and her concept of “Say YES” but I think I’ve taken it too far and need to start saying “no” sometimes.

Some people can do it all and make it work. Props to them. I’m quickly learning that I don’t handle the overload well. I don’t like to just do things, I like to do them well. Some may call this being a perfectionist. Lately I’ve noticed that with so many things spinning in my head (launch meeting, Ireland, dinner date, laundry, puppy adoption, brunch plans, errands, holiday shopping, blogging, Marathon team, and on and on), I am just simply forgetting to do things. When I called my mom crying that I’ve self-diagnosed myself with early onset Alzheimer’s, she ensured me that’s not the case and that I’m just on stress overload with so much going on.

After my mild breakdown, I took a step back, made a list of all the tasks (big and small) that were running through my mind and evaluated. I ended up pushing off one thing until after Thanksgiving and asking someone else to do another thing. It’s amazing how much better I felt by eliminating just a few things from my list and simply saying “no”. I was able to accomplish so much more after I gained that time and peace of mind back.

Needless to say I’m glad this insanely busy week is over, but this weekend is going to be equally crazed. In a good way though. Girls night out tonight. Double date night tomorrow and early Thanksgiving dinner with the family on Sunday before heading off to Ireland on Monday!!

In other non-mental-breakdown-related news, Gap is having major sales this week! Go grab something for yourself or for someone else if you’re one of those people that actually do holiday shopping ahead of time and don’t scramble for gifts at the last minute. Must be nice. I scored a few last minutes pieces below to pack with me.

Have a great weekend and remember not to stretch yourself too thin! It’s okay to say no.

Gap Sale Scores

How to Accessorize a Bar Cart

A sign you’re becoming an adult: you no longer use empty alcohol bottles, bottle caps and the witty quotes on cardboard inserts of 30-rack cases to decorate your apartment. Instead you buy a trendy bar cart and accessorize it in a way that says “Yes, I still have a drinking problem but at least my interior design skills and taste are improving.”

Cue my latest Target purchase:

photo 1
I’m kind of obsessed. Clearly didn’t have a problem finding alcohol around the house to display, but I’m thinking it needs more. I want to stick with gold accents to complement the gold detail on the cart and I’m leaning towards lighter/brighter decor to offset the darker wood pieces and brown couch in the space. Naturally, I’ve turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. Below are some favorites from my wish list.

Sidenote: Sharing the same first initial with your significant other lends itself nicely to buying monogrammed everything.

What’s your favorite? How do you go about decorating a new piece of furniture?

What to Wear: Jetsetting

Can we pause for a minute to talk about women that wear heels in the airport? I give them props but I just don’t get it. I understand traveling used to be a bougie, upper class thing to do but it’s 2013, people. I booked my flight AND hotel for less than what I pay in rent. There’s just no need to get decked out in your finest attire to sit in a stuffy, congested tube that’s miraculously soaring through the air. The one exception I’ll make is if you’re traveling for work and going straight to a meeting. Otherwise, the act is up, lose the stilettos. Not to mention our vacation flights are usually at 5 a.m. so let’s just be glad I don’t show up to the terminal in a robe and slippers.

It’s all about comfort, ease and reusing pieces when you travel. I rarely wear jeans on the plane unless I’ll get another use out of them once I reach my destination. I usually opt for flats to easily slip on and off through Security, yoga pants for comfort and that I can wear again for workouts (ambitious), a lightweight sweater for the chilly airplane and a tank underneath so I can lose a layer when we step out into the gorgeous Caribbean sunshine. 🙂

Throw my carry on essentials (iPad, passport and neck pillow) into a lightweight canvas tote that can be reused as a beach bag, and I’m good to go!

What to Wear: Race Day

 I’m rarely dressed appropriately for the weather outside, especially in New England where it’s constantly changing. I usually just suck it up and freeze, sweat, get rained on, etc. but when it comes to running, that’s not really acceptable. Your body temperature and comfort level are so important. So for my upcoming race, I’ve been keeping an eye on the forecast and am opting for layers.

I tend to trust the expert brands and purchase pieces that claim they’re designed for running, like the capris and zip up below. If it’s a total scam -well, they got me good. I usually end up stopping at least once during my runs to fix my ponytail when it starts to fall out, so for race day, I’m rocking a hat ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that. And never underestimate the power of a good sports bra – brownie points for it matching your outfit.

Of course, the right shoe is key. I bought my Nike Lunarglide 5’s when I started training and love them. They are lightweight and breathable but offer the sturdy support I need. Make sure you do your research, consult an expert and find what works best for your feet, running style, etc.

If you’re like me and constantly debate what to wear when you run, you’re in luck. I found this nifty tool on Pinterest that, with a few selections about the weather conditions, it recommends what type of clothes/layers you should wear! Thank God for the inter-webs.

Race Day

Closet Craving: Pants in Prints

Pants in Prints
Banana Republic pants / LOFT pants / LOFT pants / Pants / Old Navy twill skinny pants / Pants

Prints are everywhere this season. A great way to rock this trend is in a nice tailored pant. Paired with a neutral solid colored top and minimal accessories, your outfit is clean and polished enough for the office but still interesting. If bold prints seem intimidating, start with a solid color pant but in a bold color that’s still the focal point of your outfit – I’m currently obsessed with oxblood hues. All the pants above are $75 and under too, so you can try ’em out without breaking the bank!

Like with any trend, I think it’s important to stay true to your own style and stick with what works for your body type. If you don’t feel comfortable or look you best, skip it. Hence why I never got on board with maxi dresses. As much as I love them on the hanger, they just don’t work for me (believe me, I’ve tried on enough to know).

As far as prints go, I feel comfortable in one bold print but will need to work my way up to mixing prints.

 What about you? Are you channeling your inner Dom Streater (reference for all my fellow Project Runway fans) and incorporating prints into your wardrobe? How about mixing prints?

Weekend Recap: Solar System, Soreness and Sales

How old is too old to go to Space Camp? I’m asking for a friend… But seriously, I’m a total nerd that’s been strangely fascinated by the Solar System (and dinosaurs) since I was little and the concept of space is something I’ll never be able to wrap my mind around. Thinking about what’s beyond what we have knowledge of and then what’s beyond that and that and that makes my head hurt. Point being, if you don’t see Gravity in 3D IMAX, you’re not doing it right. The plot was cheesy at points, but the visuals were ah-mazing and Sandra Bullock and George Clooney killed it.

I did my last long run this weekend before the half and I felt good – I can’t believe it’s already less than two weeks away! The main thing I’m worried about now isn’t the distance, but the hills. I can run for days in Boston along the Charles River because it’s literally at sea level, but looking at the race course I know there are a few hills that might be the death of me.

I’m not sure why I thought running 11 miles on Saturday then choreographing for 2 hours on Sunday and then taking a yoga class after not doing yoga in months would be a good idea, but I’m paying for it today. Everything hurts and if it’s possible to overdose on ibuprofen, I just might.

Even though I didn’t get the perk of having a long weekend, I was still able to cash in on some of the sweet Columbus Day sales this weekend. The Limited is offering 40% off everything and free shipping through today and you can save at DSW online through tomorrow using the code GOSHOESGO. You’re welcome.

It wasn’t until after I made my purchases that I realized I’m apparently really digging the equestrian trend. What’s more patriotic than buying riding pants and boots on Columbus Day? Maybe watching the Patriots have a killer comeback over the Saints last night? Check and check. #Merica

Columbus Day Sales - Equestrian Look

Closet Craving: Outerwear

We’ve had a few freakishly warm days this month (not complaining), but every morning starts out with a crisp, fall chill in the air – just to remind us that summer is gone and colder weather is on its way. It might not be gloves and scarf weather yet, but I couldn’t help myself – I need that chunky knit mustard colored scarf!

Here are some outerwear pieces I’m currently craving – to keep you warm but be equally as stylish as the outfit underneath!

And I’m back on that Pinterest train, so hop aboard.

Currently Craving: Outerwear