If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.


I took this advice yesterday when I auditioned my own choreography for my dance company’s upcoming season. I’ve been dancing for forever but have zero experience choreographing. I was tired of pushing off the idea of choreographing season after season and sitting at each choreographer showcase with regret. So over the past month, with the mindset of “the worst thing that will happen is they’ll say no” and an extra push from my friend/co-choreographer, ¬†we put together a lyrical/contemporary piece to Kenny Chesney’s “Come Over”. Country music and the dance world don’t typically mix, but this song has the emotion and musicality of the more typical contemporary song choices, and it just works.

And what do you know, it got selected! After the audition, I thought the scariest part was over, but the real anxiety set in after we found out the good news. It means stepping even further out of my comfort zone and teaching dancers our moves, determining lighting and staging, ordering costumes, etc. – none of which I’ve ever done before.

So next Sunday (after running my first half – not ideal scheduling) we’ll kick off the season by showcasing our piece to the company’s nearly 100 dancers. Then begins 10 short weeks of rehearsals before the performance! I’m excited for the challenge and to see the final piece (which is currently a bunch of jumbled thoughts and moves in my head) come to life on the stage.

What have you tried lately that scared you?