Happy Birthday America!

Weekend getaways are really underrated. Getting away for even one night is sometimes all you need to feel recharged. I spent this past weekend in Old Orchard Beach with two girlfriends and it was the perfect mix of  relaxation and fun. Today I’m left with a bad case of the Mondays but thankfully, it’s a short week! I’m kicking off my 4th of July weekend a little early with a quick trip to New Jersey on Wednesday for a wedding. Then it’s back up to Boston to hopefully celebrate America’s birthday right – burgers, beers and beachin’.

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If you’re hosting or attending a BBQ this holiday weekend and looking for a light but crowd pleasing dish, try Skinnytaste’s Red White and Blue Fruit Skewers with Cheesecake Yogurt Dip. They were a big hit at my Memorial Day BBQ and require minimal effort!

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If mixing together a few ingredients is more than you can handle, you can always go with my plan B:  a scantily clad yet patriotic bottle of vodka. #murica

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Happy Thanksgivingukkah!

It seems the holidays are finally upon us. The decorations are going up, the mall parking lots are crazed, it’s unbearably cold and there’s that special je ne sais quoi in the air. I’m off to Dublin and although Ireland isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think Thanksgiving or Hanukkah, it’s alright because I’ll be with my family and that’s what the holidays are about, amiright? In the meantime, here are some links I found interesting to peruse while you’re cozied up next to the fire  after consuming far too much turkey, stuffing and wine.

Toddler naps with his 2-month old puppy every day:  I can’t even. I hope to be adding one of these to our family pretty soon – a puppy, not a baby!

Couple Performs ‘Dirty Dancing’ Scene At Wedding: Coolest couple ever? Best wedding ever? I’d say so.

Colbert: Lulelemon CEO’s Fat-Shaming Makes Women Work Out Harder:  Where is this man’s PR team?? Awful. I’d pick Lucy over LuluLemon any day of the week.

No Bean Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili: It’s officially chili making season. I made my first batch last weekend. I like this spin on traditional chili with sweet potatoes and no beans. So many great chili recipes use a crock pot, think that might need to be a late addition to my holiday wish list.

Someone Invented Magic And It Is Freaking Us Out:  I know you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet but dear Lord I hope this one is true. If so, add it the list of things I’ll never understand.

Give thanks, light those candles and enjoy Thanksgivingukkah – it won’t happen for another 70,000 years!